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Outdoor Spa Towel Warmer

This Outdoor spa Towel Warmer is sensational for admirers who enjoy using herbal and scentsy home treatments in our spa and bath facilities, the warm, lavender scents are top for reaching out to your mind and body, while the microwavable Towel Warmer allows you to handle this time of year to enjoy your food and drinks.

Outdoor Spa Towel Warmer Walmart

This Outdoor spa Towel Warmer is exquisite for an individual who wants a pleasurable spa experience, the lavender scent will make you feel relax and refreshed, while the microwave technology makes the Towel warm to the touch. This product also includes a seasonal clothing organizer to help keep your belongings winter-related in peak condition, the Outdoor spa Towel Warmer is a wonderful addition to each spa or bath room. With its lavender and scented ingredients, this Towel Warmer will add a nice scent to sett, the Warmer can easily be placed in the space of a Towel Warmer or even in between each Towel and helps to add a touch of elegance to all setting. The lavender scents are unequaled for a relaxing bath or treatment in the sun, this Towel Warmer is in like manner exceptional for use as a spa Towel Warmer when the temperature's in the or while you'reilles the shower. Indicator and a charisma suede finish, the is equipped with 2 pak lavender scents, making it a top-grade gift for your loved ones who appreciate a good spa trip.